What Is LARP?

Live Action Role Play (LARP) is a type of interactive role-playing game in which the participants portray characters through physical action, often in costume and with props.
Where will the path lead you?

Veil of Ashes Live Action Role Play

You will experience our take on the medieval fantasy Live Action Role Playing Game. We are a boffer-style LARP, so combat mechanics will be a large part of the experience. As our game would be considered by many to have some darker themes to it, we do only allow players that are 16 and over. One of our key focuses in creating this game was to have an engaging, immersive, player-driven world. We believe that player choice matters and can have long-lasting rewards or consequences to the game world and characters. While we always have the intention to guide players to victory, we are not in control of the choices you make, and those choices may sometimes lead to different outcomes. 
We believe the best experiences and most memorable moments will be made between players. Staying immersed within the role you have created for yourself will help to foster a dynamic and diverse setting for all players. Think of yourself as an actor, and the persona that you have created is your contribution to the game’s storyline. Whether you choose to be a hero, villain, or a craftsman you should strive to improve your own experience, as well as the experiences of those around you. Whether you are an experienced LARPer, or this is your first ever LARP, at Veil of Ashes you will be welcomed by a great community of players. We hope that you give us a try, and we’re excited to meet you.

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We host multiple events through the year at parks around the Atlanta, GA area.
2024 Event Dates for Veil of Ashes
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