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Learn about the world of Cindere & the adventures of the Outsiders that have found a home in Stonebridge.

World of Cindere

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2021 Season

Grand Opening Season

30 years had passed since "The Veil" covered the lands of Cindere, trapping all within it. Brigands have taken to laying in wait along the routes of trade between cities. Officials became corrupt and began taking from their own citizens. Trust in what once felt right, began to fade. A dream of a better tomorrow was lost.

With little more than the flickering of hope's light, a group known as the Circle of Nine came across a beacom of salvation. It was only a month later that they would attempt to call forth a Titan that would destroy the evil blanketing Cindere and release its people from its tightly held grasp.

Something went wrong that night, however, and the Titan never came.

At the same time, strange people claiming to be from another land had shown up in Stonebridge; a well positioned town in the center of Cindere, a crossroads between all the major cities. They came here, with nothing but questions and no answers.

For whatever reason, and none may ever know, the Titan for which the Circle of Nine had summoned, was choosing these strangers from another land to come and be his champion.

The Outsiders, as they came to be known, would have to make a choice. Would they become a Hero or Villain as they found their place in a land as unfamiliar to them, as they are to it?
2022 Season

Season Two

The skys turned dark as the Alnari roamed the lands. Each person contributed their skills and knowledge on how to defeat them. It was a long and daunting process to collect all the items needed to create the artifact. A trip to an acid lake for crystallized acid. A trip to the north for the coldest of cold ice. The heroes of Stonebridge came together to rid the lands of beings so foul. What does the future have in store for Cindere? Come meet the heroes and find out what path you will take.
Season 3 (Present)

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