New Player Guide

This new player guide will help newcomers with the process of joining the Veil of Ashes LARP.
$50 game fee 5$ Parking Fee, per vehicle Players will need to pay a one time 10$ insurance fee per season.

Enter the Veil

Below is a step-by-step process to learning about & joining our Live Action Role Play (LARP), Veil of Ashes.
Welcome to the world of Cindere! The first step in your journey is to learn more about our world & decide that you actually want to take part in the Veil of Ashes LARP. The best resource for discovering our history & lore is the "Explore Our World" page on this website. You will get a basic overview of the world known as Cindere & a timeline of what has already transpired.
Now that you have decided you definitely want to join the Veil of Ashes LARP it's time to join the community! We utilize both a Facebook Group & a Discord Channel as our main forms of communication aside from this very website. Please send a request to join one or both of these networks to get more information & directly ask questions to the players and organizers of the event.
Join Facebook GroupJoin Discord Channel
Download our rulebook & take a peak at the different options you have for building your character. Keep in mind that you will start at Level 8 with 80 build points to spend on the various skills and abilities you can acquire in Veil of Ashes. If you have questions please reach out to the community in the Facebook Group or the Discord channel for assistance. When you have your character name, class, & lineage figured out please submit a "New Player Form" below and we will add you to the system. Upon check-in at the next event you will be able to spend your build points and have a character card printed on site.
Download RulebookSubmit New Player Form
Now that you have a character on the books and have spent some time looking through our rulebook you're set to join us at the next event! Check out our Events page to learn when the next event is and a little more detail about expectations & rules for the game as well as the campground itself.
Learn About Events

Join Our Community

The Rulebook

Download the Rulebook & familiarize yourself with the world of Cindere.

The Discord

Join our Discord server for info, role playing, & community connection.

Facebook Group

Join our Facebook group to connect with players and get important news.

The Event

We host multiple events through the year at parks around the Atlanta, GA area.
2024 Event Dates for Veil of Ashes
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