The following is the current yearly schedule, with locations, for our LARP events. Each event requires a $50 player fee & a $5 parking ticket totaling to $55 per event.

2024 Schedule

May (4-day)

Event Locations

Camp Daniel Morgan

Camp Daniel Morgan
5 Hard Labor Creek Road
Rutledge, GA 30663
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Camp Rutledge

Straight Shot into
Hard Labor Creek Campgrounds
Rutledge, GA 30663
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Check-In & Logistics

Check-in starts at 5pm.

Safety Course

* - First time players will need to attend the safety course, which is always held right after opening ceremonies. The safety of players is the number one and most important concern of Veil of Ashes staff. For this reason, a mandatory safety course is given to all new players and players that have been away from the game for one year or more.


Your first stop will be to check-in to pay the entry fee/s & receive your cabin assignment.

Character Creation

You will then be shown to character creation where someone will help you with creating/editing your character. Here you will collect your cards, tags, etc...

Unload & Setup

Next locate your cabin, unload your vehicle, & set up your cabin. Move your vehicle to the designated parking area & get back to checkin by 11pm for opening ceremonies.
Late Arrival
If you arrive late, someone from our staff will still need to check you in. The best thing to do is find any player where the plot cabin is, and they will help you out. Please understand that our logistics staff may be out entertaining other players when you arrive, so it may be necessary to wait until someone is available. We will do our very best to make sure you don’t wait too long.

Cabin Reservations

Our choice in location allows for the use of cabins for you to stay in!
All of the cabins at any of our sites have multiple beds. It is typically not possible to have 1 cabin for every single person. This means you might have to share space with someone you do not know personally. We will always do our best to ensure that you are put with people you know, or you request to be with. If you find yourself in a cabin with another character that you would not typically share space with, you are welcome to sleep “out of play”.
Request A Cabin

Padded Beds

Each cabin is furnished with several bunkbeds that also have a pad on top for your convenience. Bring your own bedding & be sure to keep your cabin clean!

Electric Plugs

Each cabin is equipped with multiple electrical outlets for your convenience. Please avoid overloading the plugs & daisy chaining an overabundance of devices. Please check "What You Should Bring".

On-Site Bathrooms

Bathrooms are on-site with full plumbing including several showers. Shower shoes are recommended & please be sure to clean up after yourself! Bathrooms are considered out-of-play buildings.

Out of Play Buildings

Toilets & Showers

Bathrooms and showers are always considered out of play. No combat is allowed in the bathrooms.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is a non-combat zone. You’re free to role play while in the kitchen, just no fighting. You may not enter the kitchen to escape monsters or other characters.

The Plot Cabin

The plot cabin is out of play. Do not enter the plot cabin if you are not accompanied by a staff member.

Stonebridge Tavern

During the event a full kitchen will be stocked & managed. Players may volunteer to work at the kitchen for points that will allow them to earn more character build points toward the next event. More information on the "Game Point" system can be found in out Rulebook.
The cabin accepts cash, CashApp, & paypal currently. Feel free to load up your tab early with the buttons below.
Add to Tab Via Cashapp
Add to tab via paypal
The Facebook & Discord can be used to reach out to those that run the kitchen if you would like more information.

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The Rulebook

Download the Rulebook & familiarize yourself with the world of Cindere.

The Discord

Join our Discord server for info, role playing, & community connection.

Facebook Group

Join our Facebook group to connect with players and get important news.

The Event

We host multiple events through the year at parks around the Atlanta, GA area.
2024 Event Dates for Veil of Ashes
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