December 29, 2022

Update from The Mire Fields

Many villages around The Mire Field, reduced to rubble. Thousands of voices now heard only in the wind. Avgahd Ol Brahka sustained heavy damages, but within the walls, scarring has been minimal. Once the rival clan of Kharzug, from the Outpost of Riak, has asked for aid and offered their own in return, perhaps a new friendship can be born.

Despite the efforts of the Alnari, our people are strong, and our will, unshook.

Our leader, Abbas Grimwar, has decided that Avgahd Ol Brahka is in a fair enough condition that he will let his son, Graklak Grimwar, step up and oversee the re-building. As such, Abbas will set out with a small group to begin assessing what can be rebuilt and what should be salvaged for use elsewhere.

We have heard of the sacrifice that Gortak made. While he is not one of us by name, he is one of us by birth, and we honor the great deeds of our people. His memory will forever be etched in our hearts and minds.

We owe the people of Stonebridge a great debt. One day, we hope that we can repay you in kind.

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