July 6, 2021

Universal Experience

(The following description is an In-Play event that is experienced by your character prior to you coming to play Veil of Ashes. All Veil of Ashes characters experiences this same event whether you start playing in July 2021, or July 2024. In terms of your character's backstory, this can be weaved into the final moments of your character's story. IE – You were doing whatever you have imagined, and then the following event plays out for your character. There is no scenario where your character came to Cindere through any other means. Meaning, you didn’t walk through the Veil, nor did you tunnel under the Veil, nor was your character living in Cindere at the time. Your character explicitly lived outside the Veil.)

You begin to hear a low-pitched humming sound off in the distance. At first, you pay little attention to it. For a minute or two, you can brush it off in your mind, but the sound becomes louder and louder until you can no longer ignore it. You search for the source of the sound, which is now so loud that you can feel its vibrations in your bones. As best you can tell the noise is coming from nowhere, and everywhere, as if the sound is emanating from within your own mind.
You start to hear voices layered into the now unbearably loud sound, soft rhythmic voices as if from an incantation. It is difficult to discern the separation between the words, and the language used is foreign to you. While you are unable to put it all together, you can piece together the following words coming through in the chants.

“Tüsh… Allü… Ang… Zoh!”
[11:58 AM]
Suddenly, the noise and chants which have now become painfully loud to you; stop.

As the confusion fades, you begin to listen for some normal sounds with which you can focus, but you hear nothing, not even the sound of your own breathing. You call out for help, but you feel as if you are speaking into a vacuum. Just like the noise a moment ago, your own voice seems to only be heard in the space between your ears.

You may begin to have a sense of panic at this point, as all the sensory tools you use to sense and communicate with the world around you are failing.

You notice that a dark, smoke-like mist begins to surround you. You struggle to brush the mist away, like fanning the smoke from a fire, but your efforts are to no avail. Breathing becomes more labored, and the air you need to live becomes harder to take into your lungs. The “mist” grows thicker as the second's tick by until your entire physical form is shrouded by a thick, dark, dense, impenetrable smoke.

The last moments that you are fully conscious of are filled with panic. You fail to gain control of the situation, and the inevitable begins to take you. Minutes may go by with no air to breathe. At a point, you become euphoric and calm. With your eyes still open, your vision fades away into darkness. Shortly thereafter, your consciousness fades away into the void.

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