December 9, 2022

To the Outsiders in Stonebridge

To the Outsiders in Stonebridge,

It is with an indebted heart that I am contacting you. The fight with the Alnari was a great success and once again showed us that you were called to these lands for a reason. It was a tough fight and you did an excellent job despite the efforts of The Whisperer (Axclodax), Crexus, & The Siphoner. With that said, I am pleased to report that we have secured the lantern and will soon be transported to a safer location, where it will forever remain locked away.

As for the status here, we sustained some damages but already have crews working on repairs to the brige and the tower. The bigger cost was the magical drain of the defenses, but we are all focused on restoring the energy and casting new protections. Most of us have been focused on this matter, however, Loyalty seems to have gone missing and is not responding to any of our messages. Currently we don't have the time to go looking for him.

As we spend the next few months rebuilding Jarn Torne, we will be limited in our ability to provide the same level of assistance as we have over the past year, but over time, we will be fully resotred and our capabilities returned. Based on your actions over the past year, this promise seems trivial as you offer more to these lands than we once did, it would seem.

Levos Allenthrin

Master Cryomancer of Illodria

Member of the Circle of Nine

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