October 27, 2020

The Sacrifice

As I entered the chamber deep beneath the Northern Spire, I saw three dark figures standing before what appeared to be a very high table. As I stepped closer, I recognized our king and I dropped to one knee, head bowed in respect.

"Please rise my son, for today we are equals."

I was confused, but I could hear in his voice a sense of urgency, so I stood up fast and straightened my back to stand at attention.

"Your Majesty?"

"No questions for now, we must move quickly if we hope to save our lands."

He stepped forward and stood in front of me, placing both of his hands on my shoulders before locking eyes with me.

"Would you willingly give your life for our people? Would you sacrifice everything so that they may see their way through this darkness?"

A thousand thoughts ran through my mind in an instant. I was unable to think clearly and my thoughts were muddled. Instead of following my gut and rejecting the obvious concerns I relied on tradition to guide my answer.

"Yes, your majesty."

He released me from his grasp and stepped back and spoke coldly.

"Very well. I wish there were a better way. Thank you for your sacrifice."

At that moment, the two figures who had been standing next to the king moved forward. As darkness took me, I wondered, was this a trap...

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