October 14, 2020

The Knight

Please tell me truthfully my love, was I good husband to you? A good father to our children? I always assumed I was but must question my entire life now.

These cursed lands I now travel are surely a punishment. Maybe this place could be my path to redemption, or maybe not. I wish I could tell you I had the will to be the man I once was.

Since I last wrote to you, I've taken up guarding a merchant's caravan. It doesn't pay much. I care little for the merchants who hire me, but it keeps my belly full and my thirst quenched. I've seen a lot more of these lands now, and while I miss you dearly I am glad that you are not in this forsaken place with me. There are creatures here that seem straight from my nightmares. The people of these lands desperately need leadership. I don't have the strength to even try, or worse, to even care.

I sometimes dream of helping. As I sleep, I stand at the front of a battalion of hardened men and women ready to battle the nightmares and purify these lands. Every time I do thought, as I look to other heroes proudly, I always see Alysa's face, and the darkness takes hold again. I relive our children's deaths every night.

The only comfort I have now is found at the bottom of the bottle. When I drink I forget you are gone. I forget what they did to you. I always comes back, but it's nice to think, even for a little while, that you are still alive and could read my letters. If I fall in battle against one of these creatures, know that i'll have a smile on my face. Please tell the children I love them.

I hope to see you all again soon. I will love you always.

Sir Liam

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