October 13, 2021

The King

Shortly after the Veil appeared around 30 years ago, word of its existence began to spread to the furthest reaches of Cindere. No one had any idea how, or why it came about. The ensuing mass confusion led to accusations, distrust, and the collapse of long standing alliances. Diplomacy had sunk in the wake of the Veil.

The center of knowledge and power in Cindere became the focal point of many of the conspiracies and accusations. The kingdom and all her subjects found themselves on the outside of most of society for the first time in its history. Few allies remained for the kingdom.

It would not be long before an army came to overthrow the seated King. This army however, came not from one of the mortal factions but from an army that flew no banner and made no challenge to power.

The war came swift and hard. The distinguishing feature of this army was that it was made mostly of Kobolds, a highly intelligent and vicious dragon-kin-like creature feared by nearly all of Cindere. Never had Kobolds appeared in such numbers, however...it was quickly apparent that the King's army was ill-prepared for such a force.

The King sent out messengers to request aid from all of the factions in Cindere, but only two would answer the call. All other factions declined to interfere, feeling that the King and his mages court had been directly responsible for the Veil, and deserved whatever fate awaited them.

As the war stretched on, word from the King and his people became scarce until one day, there was nothing. Reports would later come in that all that was left was dead lands and ruin.

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