October 14, 2020

Story - Veil of Ashes

Sir Liam swore an oath that he would rid the world of undeath before his demise, or die trying. Today was meant to be that day.

“That damn lich,” he whispered to himself as he looked at the horde before him. The last of his order was succumbing to the onslaught one by one. He knew the odds were stacked against them before the battle even started, but he knew that the belief of his order, and doing what was righteous would see them through the impossible. Only now did he realize his folly.

“Was I wrong, or am I just a fool?”

As his daughter, the child who carried the very best of him, began to rise from the ground with her skin dessicated and rotting, he choked back his tears as anger swelled from deep within his soul. He had lost all of his children this day, and before him stood the testament of his failure.

The General stood, knowing that his time would soon come to an end. They were the last bastion of hope, the last ones capable of stopping the coming storm. All of his training, all of his preparation, all of it… for nothing. He then looked to his remaining knights for strength but only found the cruel irony that his last act upon this world would be leading them to their demise.

As Sir Liam drew his sword, Silverlight, from its sheath the blade emanated a radiant light of which he had never seen before. Was this one last gift? Would this turn the tide of battle?

His entire order of Knights had been decimated and the undead hordes were closing in around him. Knowing that his time was at an end, Sir Liam fell to one knee. Grasping the hilt of his sword tightly, he thrust Silverlight hard into the ground. “With the power of Silverlight I consecrate this ground and destroy these abominations before me!” screamed Sir Liam in a final move of desperation. As he finished, light exploded from his body. The first wave of undead, maybe thirty or more, were struck by a pulse of energy and instantly turned to ash… but it wasn’t enough.

As the vile army closed around him once more, he looked to his sword… The light from Silverlight was completely extinguished now.

For his final act he raised his sword, ready to charge toward the fate that awaited him. As he readied himself, the blade of Silverlight once again came to life. Instead of radiating the light of grace as before, the blade began to emit a thick grey mist which suffocated the air around him. Sir Liam looked to his sword, which had carried the light of his order for centuries.

“Have I been betrayed?”

Confused and disoriented, he attempted to break through the veil that had begun to surround him, however the harder he pressed forward the more he found himself trapped within.

The dense grey fog began to completely surround him, choking the life from him. His vision became dark. His strength began to fail him, and he slowly slipped into unconsciousness.

“Am I dead?” he thought to himself.

When he opened his eyes, Silverlight no longer by his side, he looked around in stunned disbelief. No longer was he surrounded by the horde of undeath, no longer could he see the bodies of his friends and family. Instead, Sir Liam stood atop the edge of a cliff looking down upon a vast and foreign land.

“Your story begins here” 

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