November 10, 2021

Rumors & Rumblings for November

Rumors and Rumblings for November:

Under the cover of night, the Mayor of Stonebridge broke into the manor house and retrieved his coveted wig collection.

A handful of reports from townspeople suggest that twisted visages of people have been witnessed standing and watching from a distance. Noone has had the courage to get too close, however.

The Veil was created to protect us all from something terrible.

The Veil was created to trap us inside and use us for something terrible.

Mother Grub and Rozen have elected to fight to the death over leadership of Stonebridge.

Sova has been away opening more House of Cakes locations. There will soon be one on every corner…. Sometimes two.

Noone has heard much from the Fae of Crann Bethadh for years, until recently. Something has scared them into the open.

What ever happened to the Circle of Nine?

Pockets full of loot, nowhere to spend it? Come see Uncle Egdequick! (Last chance before Winterstill)

A caravan making a stop in Stonebridge told a story of being attacked by animals multiple times while crossing the West Arden forest.

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