September 13, 2022

Reports from the Front Lines

As expected, the Alnari sent hordes of their Veil Creatures across the northern foothills of the Iron Crest Mountains into the Mire Fields. As they made their way from the northern pass and south toward Avgahd Ol Brahka, the stronghold of the Orcs, they razed any village and outpost that stood in their path. We can not be sure of the number of dead, but our hearts and souls are heavy with loss. In tie, and with some luck, that region may be rebuilt. The sustained losses, I fear, may have been too great for such a task, without the aid from around Cindere.

The Elves of Lashamir have been able to protect their lands without much loss. As promised, they have provided needed cover for any who fled the Mire Fields from the south into Lashamir. There are currently hundreds of Orcs and Goblins under the protection of the Elves in their lands.

The Once King A'oleth has proven to be the greatest force against our enemies. His columns of undeath singularly changed the course of the battle in Avgahd Ol Brahka. He has sustained many of his own losses, but reports indicate that as the intensity of the fighting grew, so did the ranks of his armies. We are unsure what price we will all pay for his aid, but without him, we may have all surely fallen.

The Deep Elves continue to provide protection to the mid-regions between Stone Bridge and The Mire Fields. There are many displaced people, with homes and farms destroyed. Communities split apart, children missing, farmsteads left without the ability to till the soil.

Many Dwarves and a few hundred able and willing mercenaries from Port West and Westari Isles have set up defensive positions west of the main fighting.

No one outside Stonebridge is beyond this threat and many will continue to sustain losses. While we feel that we can continue to defend our respective lands for a short time, we now look to the Outsiders to finish this.

The future of Cindere is in your hands now.

Faithful member of The Circle of Nine,


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