September 23, 2021

Message from Bran

Many years ago, before the Veil, the town of Stonebridge would host the annual Harvest Festival. This was a time of celebration. The harvests were wrapping up and the baskets were full. The craftsman would bring their wears to sell openly on the streets to the wealthy buyers. Stonebridge was the perfect setting for this. For 2 days near the end of October we would open our doors to any who wished to celebrate the end of the harvest season.

Over the years, what was once a celebration for all, has become nothing more than a sad reminder of a past life, long lost to the Veil. The laughter has been taken over by the malevolence that appears this time of year. The protections are no longer there to keep them at bay. People hide in their homes and wait out the last days of "The Weeping Harvest".

I knew that many of you still do not know why you were summoned here. Most of you doubt that you can change our fate. There are some who believe that Cindere isn't worth saving. Be that as it may, if you have a care in the world to help the people of Cindere, acts as simple as keeping hope alive could be the difference we need.

You may not realize this, but many of us believe that you are here for a purpose. That without you, the world as we know it is lost. You hold the power to free Cindere from this nightmare. I trust that we are right about you. For what it's worth, I'm with you till the end.


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