February 26, 2023

Issue 1

0ur Mission. With this publication, we seek to report the truth, inform the people, and promote the sharing of information and ideas. This mission is rooted in the belief that a well-informed society will aid in the protection of Stonebridge, and its surrounding regions from threats; domestic, foreign, and otherworldly.

Our Contributors. The Stonebridge Gazette aims to be a non-exclusive publication. To these ends, we welcome all citizens of Stonebridge to join in the sharing of local news, events, and mysteries. Many have already heeded the call to lend their unique perspectives on the world around us, and we welcome future submissions. Working together, we can better understand and aid one another. Meet your first edition contributors.

Marshal Wolfram: Law & Government
Teague: Traveller/Wanderer
Axe Wolf: War Correspondent
Hammer Wolf: Creature Features
Sova: Advice Columnist
Mesophil: Food & Entertainment

Our features. Being a fledgling publication, each contributor focuses on reporting what they know both diligently and accurately, but it's not all humdrum news. The Stonebridge Gazette will also offer games, artwork, and a public Confidential page for posting messages and advertisements to boost the local economy, seek help, and aid others local to the region. Our paper will also include occasional, clearly delineated submissions of fiction, poetry, and riddles. We to only seek to enrich lives with information, but to entertain, even in the darkest of times. We will also ensure the voices of the people are heard, loud and clear. For this, The Vox Populi feature is exclusively for non-Outsider residents to be heard and better understood, so that we can be of better service to the populace.

Open contributions and suggestions. This is a new venture. We will build and grow our publication based on the needs of all Stonebridge residents, its original inhabitants, and its guests. We encourage those who wish to contribute regularly to seek a staff position. And for the casual author, even the occasional musing is welcome. Differing opinions are a requirement for understanding.

Above all else, we hope to be of service to Stonebridge, its people, and greater Cindere as we learn and grow together. Feedback and suggestions are most welcome and will be considered thoroughly. Thank you for taking the time to read our works, and we look forward to sharing the most accurate, up-to-date news around.

Your Stonebridge Gazette staff

Council Agenda & Announcements

Much is changing in and around Stonebridge and we must change to accommodate and thrive. Points of order for the next Stonebridge Council meeting inclide:

  • Additional council seats to ensure proper representation.
  • The drafting and ratification of standard laws.
  • Consideration of forthcoming bounty contracts and relations with the inquisition.

The War Journal

As true as the sun will rise and set, so true stands the chance of war. From the despair of loss to the gallantry of a true victory. You may find that war can be triggered and ended, by the simple flick of a silver tongue, or even the glance of a maiden fair, longing for your heartstrings. No matter the tides of war, one yearns to know the truth. The truth behind the lies; behind the blood.

In this section, I, your courageous and true herald of damned souls, who fight for our every cause, hope to illustrate these truths. I will expose these lies. I will keep you abreast of what to beware of and the telltale signs of war. If it involves conflict, then these words I will share with my fellow Stonebridgians.

In the eastern reaches of the continent, there lives a city afar, in a land very strainful to reach. You require a sense of adventure, bold purpose, and unwavering will to reach this destination. A shining city of class and etiquette, built into the surrounding earth, in harmony with nature. Known for its success in being a lone and secluded paradise, far beyond the reach of we Outsiders. The only exception, the occassional trader arriving here and there. Their reputation, as so stated, includes genuine scholars, mystics, and grand architects that keep the sharpest minds ever so cutting.

Do not take my words into your very soul. You may benefit from a visit to the marvelous, yet humble, secluded yet oddly welcoming, city of Lashamir. The relations between this great city to the town of Stonebridge seems to be at ease for the moment. But mark my words, it does feel as if tension could brew. Or, a beautiful flower said to be an ally worth having. What say you, people of Cindre?

Your War Reporter,
Tyreic, M.O.

Teague's Travels

Lookin' to earn a bit of extra scrap to get some of those items you've had yer eye on? The Stonebridge Council has signed a contract with the nearby Dward Prison pledging that we will hunt down escapted prisoners & return them to justice within their hardy walls.

Take heed to the call & seek our a Council member to ensure your Bounty is properly recorded & your reward is swiftly administared. Stay on yer toes & a bounty board will soon find its way to the tavern.

If yer unsure you can handle such a bounty alone, seek out the Red Blade for some hired help. Find myself, Teague son of Dulgath, and we'll set our terms for your upcoming mission.

Jan menu selek lanun naman,
(May your forge burn bright)
Teague, Son of Dulgath

Yummy, Yummy, In Tooka's Tummy

Hello Outsiders Mesophil and Tooka here. We shall talk about the food in Stonebridge.

Mesophil will start with tavern dinner. Last time we had brats and sauerkraut and corn on the cob. Mesophil think it was good. Well it should be it's their job to make it. Tooka hush. Mesophil hears we shall be having this time Steamed kielbasa sausage, zucchini, squash, peppers, onions and corn. Yum! Yum!

Now Mesophil will talk about Gorrem's dip. Mesophil didn't get to eat alot of the dip but what Mesophil did try it was really good. Ha let's hope he cooks better than he duels. Tooka HUSH. Mesophil say next time Gorrem makes dip give it a try.

- Mesophil

The Case of the Missing Mayor

The Mayors of Stonebridge seem to be vanishing under mysterious circumstances. In the last year, the most recent two elected officials have vanished; the first as the Outsiders began to find their footing in Stonebridge, and our most recent mayor, Rozen Bloodworth, has been missing since the Ratling's stopped by to viciously burn our crops, homes, and businesses to the ground. Rozen Bloodworth arrived with the earliest batch of Outsiders taken from their homes and lives.

Elected during tumultuous times in Stonebridge, Mayor Bloodworth set out to try and establish order amidst ever-growing chaos. Some
welcomed the re-establishment of local government as a necessary step, while others expressed concerns. Nonetheless, an election was held and swung in his favor. A noble by birthright, through his various diplomatic travels as mayor, Rozen established several of the diplomatic relationships Stonebridge enjoys today.

Since his appointment, there have been vmany outspoken detractors of the mayor. Most recently relating to his handling of the arson attack by a diseased Ratling community, and on his first day, no less. As the town began to burn, Mayor Rozen charged into the fray with a small group of first responders, racing through the fields toward the burning farm homes. Running into burning buildings, one after the other, rescuing the villagers he could. As the fighting subsided, several citizens sought the mayor to express their grief and anger. A heated exchange ensued as the Mayor responded poorly drawing the ire of the townsfolk and his fellow Outsiders alike. Exhausted from the battle and subsequent telling off by much of the town, a swift pair of Doom spells ended day one of his mayorship. Little was seen of him after that night, and in the following days, nothing was seen at all.

Questions remain as to whether the position should be filled again.

- Sova

Vox Populi

With the world changing so drastically around us, it is more important than ever that we communicate thoroughly, and effectively. The Outsiders can often be a frightening or unruly bunch. For these reasons, we have created the Vax Populi; a place for the original residents of Stonebridge to make their voices heard.

Many Outsiders have settled into residency, while others seek desperately to End ways back to their homes. Above all else, we want you to know that we ap­preciate and recognize your hospitality.

As we are your guests, please tell us your concerns, so that we might bridge divides moving forward. If needed, your submissions can be anonymous if you choose.

We look forward to working together in the spirit of unity, that we might over­come any challenges as one.

- Sova

Wolves of Calla: Musings and Missionary documents

While searching for Tobin in woods the night of Sword Wolf's disappearance, we found small a book nestled in the crook of a tree entitled "Wolves of Calla: Musings and Missionary documents". The following is an excerpt from the most recent entry.

They envelop me,
Vivid recollections of the past.
Showing what I used to be,
For a moment I realize what didn't last.
I break them down,
Piece by piece.
I see the town,
where my life did cease.
They gathered at the tree,
Not to celebrate but mourn.
I wish I could see,
Their faces un-torn.
I fade away silently,
Off into the midnight sky.
I sob quietly,
As I watch my loved ones cry.
I watch over them yearnfully,
Wishing they knew that I still cared.
I smile happily,
Knowing that it was them I spared.

I was their knight,
The image of Jove and compassion.
For them I would fight,
With a fiery passion.

A modest vigil will be held to mark the end of Tobin's journey Friday night.

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