January 11, 2023

Introduction of Mathis

(The following story can be taken in play by anyone who chooses:)

The war is over. The Alnari are dead and the heroes have left the battlefield. A shrouded figure walks the field of battle with his double-ended scythe - one blade as dark as night, the other as red as blood, both pulsing with wisps of gray energy emanating from the handle. Now that his feeding is complete he can freely walk Cindere.

He's not from Cindere, but he came here decades ago to study the abundance of magics which flow from these lands, preparing himself for the right time. But he must be crafty; he has watched the heroes of this land, and has seen what they are capable of.

It will take time. As a Lich, he has nothing but time... and they are only mortal.

First he must make his allies. For this he needs a source of energy powerful enough to do what he must. There has been death in abundance here and its energy still lingers, but it is not enough.

Switching his scythe from red to black he draws a circle, etches some runes into the ground, and begins chanting. The ground rumbles and turns black, as he chants louder and louder, faster and faster, black fluid flowing from his scythe to fill in the runes and further darken the ground. Clouds gather in the sky above him, thunder and lightning crackling in the darkness. After what seems like hours he screams, "RISE, RISE, RISE!"

Bursting from the ground is a six foot tall creature unlike anything seen before. It has blackened bones and hardened flesh, and its glowing yellow eyes gaze around.

"What is this place?" the creature asks.

"Within the dragon's barrier, we will find what we need," the shrouded man says with a wicked grin. "But we must prepare my friend, we have much to do."

The creature bows,"Yes, master."

The creature then turns and begins to chant. A few minutes pass and once again the ground erupts as a pack of enormous dog-like creatures with jet black fur and yellow glowing eyes emerge and fall into line with the creature.

"Yes indeed, we have much to do."

The Lich, Mathis, along with his creature and the pack of hounds head to their new home. Looking over his shoulder towards Stonebridge Mathis mutters, "I will see you soon."

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