Game Resources

Discord –
Discord is our easiest place to find information. Some in play notices are only posted in Discord.

Remaining 2021 event dates:
October 22nd-24th – A.H. Stephens
November 19th-21st – Indian Springs

Email Addresses: – Logistics questions and requests should be sent here. – Questions for plot and in between event action if you attended previous event. – Submit your character history (20 CP bonus) – Terry’s email address Paul’s email address

Uploaded File – In our Facebook files section you will find our current rule book, updated spell verbals supplement that’s not in the rulebook, The Economy which has our crafting system information, and The Library which is in game information on a resource to learn some in play skills. These files, and any additional In-Play information can be found in Discord.

Event Prepay Information:
Zelle – Send to
Paypal –

Event cost is $50 per person plus $5 for a parking pass. If you are paying with PayPal or Square, please add $3 to the total as there are fees associated with these payments. If you utilize Zelle there is no fee so there’s no need to add anything. As always, cash on site is perfectly fine as well.

Current Incentives:
1. If you bring a new player to the event with you, you will get 90CP (Converts to 3 build). This is per new player. Bring three new players and you’ll receive 270 CP.

2. For every player, after your 3rd full event, you will receive 120CP (Converts to 4 build). Nothing you need to do to earn this one but come to our game three times.

3. We normally pay 1 CP for every 3 packets made. Between now and the Halloween event we will double the CP to 2 CP for every 3 packets made.

Current safety measures for attendance:
You will need to show one of the following

1. Proof of Full Vaccination – Both doses, if not J&J. Second dose will need to have been administered two weeks prior to the event date. (If we have seen it at a previous event no need to show again)

2. Proof of a negative test result – showing your name and date of completion no more than 3 days prior to the event. These rules apply to everyone across the board.

We will make no exceptions, and everyone will be held to the exact same standard. We encourage the use of masks in public buildings (Tavern, MT, Plot building…etc). and for you to be aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to the area around you and respect the space between you and others, especially while inside. Keep hand sanitizer on you and use it whenever you can. We will not be setting up the tavern seating and ask that you use the outdoor tables whenever possible. If you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms, cough, fever, unexplained or unusual tiredness, please stay home.

2021 Event Schedule is now online.

After a long break away from society, we are very excited to be back up and running.

We will be holding a Pre-Season Community Event on May 29th at 12:00pm at Hard Labor Creek State Park – Camp Rutledge.

Please visit our Facebook Group: Veil of Ashes | Facebook for more information and to sign up to attend.

We are officially back in action – Almost.

We are incredibly excited to announce that as of today January 15th, we are officially treating the 2021 season as “live”.

Since no one can really say at this time how vaccine availability or the course of the pandemic will look in the next couple of months, we will continue to be cautiously optimistic.

We will be uploading the new Rulebook to Facebook and discord in the next few days, along with all of our 2021 event dates.

Our Website is still under a little bit of construction, so bare with us while we continue to improve the site.

We can’t wait to see you all at our first event, which will be soon!

This Holiday Season

Happy Holidays to everyone!

We have been putting a lot of work in on Veil of Ashes. We’ve completed the changes to our rule book, and we’re currently getting things formatted so that the book is a little more intuitive.
Paul has gotten a crash course in web design so that we can have a web site. Additionally, Sam has been working on a project we’re initially calling “Character Builder”. Our hope is that our players will be able to open the CB and play around with different ways to spend build on your characters. We believe we might be able to allow you to print out your results, so when you arrive, you could just hand us the print out and we’ll enter your character into the database even quicker. This is all just an idea at this point, there is a lot that will go into this…. We’ll try though.

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