At Veil of Ashes, you will experience our take on the medieval fantasy Live Action Role Playing Game. We’re a boffer style LARP, so light to medium touch combat mechanics will be a large part of the experience.  At Veil of Ashes, we may explore darker themes, as such, all players must be 18 and over.

One of our key focus areas while creating this game was to have an engaging, immersive, player choice world. We believe that every player’s actions should matter and that those actions should produce either rewards or consequences to the game world. While we always have the intention to guide players to victory, since we are not in control of the choices players make, those choices may sometimes lead to different outcomes. 

In addition, when you come to a Veil of Ashes event we want your experience to feel like it was a genuine escape for you. While everyone, including the managers of the game, is always conscious of world events, we hope to be able to provide you with a weekend away from any stress the real world is bringing you. This is a hobby, after all, and a hobby is a great way to focus your attention away from stressful things.

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